Club Z! In-Home Tutoring Expands Into Online Market

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The world’s largest in-home tutoring franchise launches online tutoring platform, complete with whiteboard functionality, at a competitive price.


Club Z! Tutoring, the world’s largest in-home tutoring franchise officially launched its new online tutoring program under the domain, making it the first tutoring franchise to enter the online market. Created by Club Z! CEO and founder Mark Lucas’ son, William Lucas, this online platform is designed to capture the next generation of students seeking immediate and accessible tutoring at a competitive price. The platform is accessible by computer, smartphone, or tablet and includes several attractive features, such as instant or scheduled lessons, whiteboard functionality, document sharing, tutor profile viewing, and online payment.

“Students today have demanding schedules, ambitious goals and understand how crucial technology is for their development,” says William. “They also value a personalized learning experience that meets their needs and interests. Club Z! Tutors recognizes these factors and focuses on providing an online program that caters to the modern student by offering convenience, quality, and innovation at an affordable price.”

Students select their pre-background checked tutor using one of three methods: students may either choose their tutor by viewing tutor profiles, request to be matched instantly with a tutor using Club Z! Tutoring’s compatibility algorithm – a convenient feature when immediate assistance is required, or choose to book a tutor through the Club Z! Tutoring professional sales support center. After students select a tutor, they connect via video chat and instant message. Students and tutors can then upload assignments and interact using whiteboard technology, text editors, and even code editors.

“When designing the Club Z! Tutors platform, our focus was to provide everything traditional in-home tutoring has to offer and more,” explains William. “With the click of a button, students will be able to receive tutoring in a wide range of topics and subjects from a qualified tutor of their choosing. Our whiteboard technology will also create a more interactive and quality learning experience for students and tutors. With our whiteboard, students will be able to graph, draw, highlight, erase, insert shapes, file share and file edit all while video conferencing with their tutor.”

Current Club Z! Tutoring franchisees will also benefit from the launch of Club Z! Tutors with their ability to earn passive income, reach more clients and offer more services. For every registered online student in a particular franchisee’s territory, the franchisee will earn a percentage from that student’s lesson. In addition, franchisees will have access to more tutors in more subjects. This will allow franchisees to provide more options to students who are seeking a tutor to teach complex subjects such as Organic Chemistry, Econometrics, and more.

Mark adds, “the global online tutoring market has an estimated value of $14 billion USD and is predicted to reach a market value of $77 billion USD by 2021. It’s important to Club Z! that each of our franchisees capitalize in this highly valued market, so we will provide ample guidance and support. With Club Z! Tutors, our franchisees will be given a unique opportunity to become both successful business owners and respected education leaders in their communities. Having a proper online portal and website is crucial to any franchise’s success. Fortunately, with our state of the art online platform, franchisees will have all of the tools they need to prosper and profit from one of the fastest growing markets.”

With the addition of Club Z! Tutors, and with the support of his son, William, Mark foresees large growth for the Club Z! Tutoring brand. Mark is expecting Club Z! Tutoring to enhance its position as an industry leader by continuously adjusting to industry trends.

“Club Z! Tutors is just the beginning of our expansion into the online market,” says Mark. “We are excited to continue to find new and innovative ways to provide clients with the knowledge and resources they need to excel, and to provide tutors and franchisees the support, revenue streams, and tools they need to become successful entrepreneurs.”

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About Club Z!

Founded in 1995 by Mark Lucas, Club Z! Tutoring is a leading tutoring franchise excelling in convenience and affordability with online and in-home services. With over 400 locations, Club Z! provides one-on-one tutoring to students across the United States and Canada. With proprietary curriculum and cutting-edge technology, Club Z! Tutoring has been at the forefront of education since its inception. Club Z! Tutoring aims to help students around the world and gain access to high quality and affordable educators within the comfort of their own home.

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