As Job Market Soars, SalesFirst Recruiting Flourishes in New Southwest Regional Hub

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SalesFirst Recruiting announces firm’s successful emergence in the Southwest Market. The Portland-based company specializes in sales and marketing professionals, and has been successful serving Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, and Albuquerque from its Denver and Phoenix Offices.


SalesFirst Recruiting is proud to share the firm’s successful emergence in the Southwest Market. The Portland-based company, which specializes in recruiting top-tier sales and marketing professionals, opened a third location in Denver this past year – on the heels of a 2016 opening of a Phoenix office.

The Denver and Phoenix locales have allowed SalesFirst Recruiting to capitalize on the low unemployment rate that comes along with a rising job market. Employers throughout the nation are vying to onboard workers from a small market of skilled professionals, heightening the need for recruiting services. The demand created from the economic boom helped SalesFirst Recruiting utilize the two new locations as hubs for the entire southwest section of the nation – specifically focusing recruiters on Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, and Albuquerque.

SalesFirst Recruiting’s President of the Arizona Office, Patrick Ortman, elaborated on the surge of business the Arizona office created, “When we opened our doors at the Phoenix location, we had no idea how interconnected the business communities between some of the top cities throughout the Southwest were. We caught on quickly, and it’s helped us connect with more clients – who we love to get to know, so that we can find them the perfect professionals for their teams.”

The quick success of SalesFirst Recruiting’s Denver office has done more than help the company shape its market. The company’s CEO, Adam Morris, shared how, “We used to have to say “no” a lot. We’d get inquiries from clients and potential clients in other markets, and we just didn’t have the resources in place to help them. Our new offices were built to enhance our ability to say “yes” more often – and I always say it with a smile.” Now we can confidently perform for our customers when it comes to procuring the best sales and marketing professionals in their market.

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The SalesFirst Recruiting team has been pioneering unique interviewing practices and providing the best sales & marketing professionals to businesses since 2012. SalesFirst Recruiting is dedicated to finding the highest caliber of candidates and making meaningful connections in Oregon, Colorado, Arizona, and the Southwest Region.

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